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Brian Rayhack


About Brian Rayhack

Based in West Des Moines, Iowa, Brian Rayhack is a man with many interests. From sports and finance to Teslas and HOAs, he keeps busy and has enjoyed a life and career full of unique experiences. By trade, Brian is a salesman working in the biofuels industry. He has invested over 15 years of his life into his current position and enjoys keeping up with the latest in developments and technology. Brian has a solid work ethic and strives to provide his customers with the best possible service. He believes in the products and services he sells and is passionate about driving value for his contacts and clients.

When he isn’t busy with his professional career, however, Brian Rayhack keeps busy in other ways. He is currently operating as the president of Westbrooke Ranch Townhomes, a homeowners association in West Des Moines. Brian loves being in this position and improving and supporting his local community. His professional skills have prepared him well for the leadership and people skills he needs to thrive in this role. 

Brian Rayhack is also an avid sports enthusiast. While at Vanderbilt University, he played ice hockey. He still enjoys playing hockey when he has the opportunity and has also become a fan of all the Vanderbilt sports teams. He strives to keep up with the latest seasons and tournaments. Additionally, he loves playing golf and always looks for fun new courses to test his skills. Even beyond sports, Brian Rayhack works hard to stay fit and active. He ran a half marathon last year and continues to run on a regular basis. 

Another of Brian Rayhack’s personal interests is finance and investing. While earning his MBA, he focused heavily on these topics, and he continues to keep up with current trends and expand his knowledge. Sharing his experience and expertise with others is one of his favorite things. He is especially knowledgeable about health savings accounts and how people can use them most effectively to maximize their finances.

Brian Rayhack lives with his wife and two cats, Oscar and Darla. He’s spent a lot of time learning about feline asthma to help one of their cats thrive in spite of the condition. Additionally, he is passionate about Teslas and has two of his own. They love to travel when they have the chance and explore new places.