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Hockey has a long history of great moments. Even though time has passed, the memories of these games still resonate with fans around the world.

Some of the most prominent individuals who have created great moments in hockey include Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky, and Bobby Howe. These types of moments can appeal to our national pride and patriotism. On the other hand, obscure players can also make great moments in the sport.

Although fans of different teams have their own favorites, here are some of the great moments in hockey that still give us goosebumps.


Coach Lester Patrick Plays Goalie

It’s not every day that a 44-year-old head coach gets to play a role in the Stanley Cup final. In 1928, Lester Patrick played goalie for the Rangers.

Patrick was a long-time retired player who hadn’t played in a game in a while. However, he came out and played in the Stanley Cup finals, and he led his team to a victory.


Bob Baun Scores the Cup-Winning Goal on a Broken Leg

After suffering a broken leg in 1964, Baun was removed from the game in Game 6. However, after coming back and playing in overtime, Baun scored the winning goal to help the Maple Leafs defeat the Red Wings and win the Stanley Cup.

Initially, Baun was an unlikely goal-scorer. Although he was a skilled defensive player, he only managed to score four goals in 1963. During his 17 years in the league, he never managed to get over eight goals.


Ray Bourque Finally Lifts the Cup

For almost two decades, Ray Bourque was a skilled player for the Boston Bruins. Despite his impressive play, he was never able to help the team win a Stanley Cup. He was already approaching the end of his career when the Bruins won the championship.

After the Bruins traded him to the Colorado Avalanche in 2000, he finally won the Stanley Cup. In 21 games during the playoffs, he scored four goals and had 10 points. During a rally in Boston, thousands of fans came out to celebrate with him.


Jaromir Jagr Fakes out the Blackhawks

During the 1992 finals, Jari Jagr of the Jagr’s team made a goal that was regarded as one of the most amazing in the history of the league. 

The goal was made after Jagr faked out four Chicago players along the ice and managed to get a backhand past Eddie Belfour, the Chicago goalkeeper. During the game, the Penguins trailed by a couple of goals. They were able to bounce back and win the game.