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A homeowners association is a type of community that allows people to live in an organized and well-run environment. It’s also managed by an organization whose goal is to set the rules and regulations to which the community members agree.

While some people may enjoy living in an organized community, others may not like the restrictions that come with being part of an association. Before you decide to move into a community that an association runs, there are a few things that you should take into account.

A homeowners association provides various advantages to people who reside in it.


The Pros

You Live in a Well-Groomed Neighborhood

In addition to regular maintenance, the homeowners association also sets strict rules and regulations to ensure that the neighborhood looks its best. For instance, it prohibits the parking of large vehicles on the street.


Access to Amenities

Residents of a homeowners association have the opportunity to enjoy various perks, such as a pool, a fitness center, and a variety of parks and recreation facilities.


Maintenance is Covered

The homeowners association is responsible for maintaining the community’s common areas, such as the lawn and the flower beds. It also takes care of other tasks, such as snow removal and cleaning the outside areas.


Your HOA Handles Neighbor Disputes

When a dispute between neighbors gets out of control, the homeowners association usually tries to resolve the issue through mediation. It can also take action against those who throw parties that are loud or have a noisy dog.


The Cons

You Risk Foreclosure if Dues Aren’t Paid

If you don’t pay your dues, the homeowners association can take over your home. However, this can be affected depending on the laws in your state.


Not Much Freedom

Even if you don’t agree with the regulations and rules set by the homeowners association, you still have to abide by them. This is because the organization’s rules are usually only changed if the majority of the community members support it.


You Have to Live with Certain Restrictions

Some homeowners associations also prohibit people from running a home-based business. If this is your main source of income, then you should consider changing your business if you want to remain a member. In addition, many associations have restrictions on how you can rent out your home.


Costs and Fees

To be a part of a homeowners association, you have to pay your dues. Depending on the community, this can range from around $100 to over $1,000 a month.


Some people prefer to live in a homeowners association-controlled community. On the other hand, others prefer to live in a property without the association’s oversight. Having a good realtor can help you find the ideal home or community to live in.